Every skier knows how disgusting it is to ski with poorly fitted, incorrectly sized or unnecessarily stiff shoes.

Cross country skiing boots - size & model selection

Cross country skiing boots - size & model selection

The choice of skiing boots for skating is a very demanding task today due to the fact that the factory design of carbon reinforcements is very demanding in terms of the shape of the foot. Skating boots for experienced skiers are often lighter compared to beginner boots.

The lining is thinner and the boots have a stiffer heel, which gives even better power transmission. The reason for this is the different trajectory of the skating style, which is much different from the traditional skiing style.
In skating, the ankles are heavily loaded and that is why the ski boots are designed to be higher and stiffer in the ankle section. In addition, the boots for skating have a rigid base.

This allows you to kick at the bottom of the entire boot and get more power to your skating kicks.


All of the above arrangements work just fine for choosing a traditional cross country skiing boot.

Once all these steps have been completed then the choice is near right. Now you can do trades and do a test of skiing.
After the ski test, take the shoes and socks off the foot and take pictures of the foot from front to back and from the side, so you can see
which point in the last of the boot requires personal adjustment.
You can also always contact us if you want to confirm your selection in advance.

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